My Family My Pride

Growing up we always look up for inspiration. Without inspiration there wont be any aspiration. And without aspiration there wont be any success. From a kids perspective, world is a very small circle called family  and inspiration should come from it. Same thing happened with me and I AM WHAT I AM NOW all because of my family. They inspired me and helped me to aspire and achieve success.

As famous poet Maya Angelou says “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” We only look at the success of others but not the path and acts they took to get there. I got inspired by looking at the path and acts which made my parents successful. And all credits should go to them for guiding and encouraging me to grow into a better, more self-reliant person.

Let me turn the clock back as its time for a flashback 🙂

I have been an introvert and shy from my childhood. So most of the time I used to spend my time alone playing with handheld video games. Due to its addiction my dad bought me a computer at a tender age of 11 ( Time has changed and now even toddlers use computer but for a 80’s kid like me that was huge at that time). All the neighboring kids would be playing cricket in ground and I would be playing minesweeper and pinball. Then came the craze of age of empires. I used to sit day and night to clear levels and complete missions in it. They enrolled me to a computer class in a nearby academy. Owing to my increased addiction to my PC, they even bought a dial up connection. At first I used it to play online flash games and stuff. But then I started learning many things from the internet. I learned hacking, made my own websites using yahoo Geo services, started blogging and all of this before I even started college. I even earned some money online during those days. They backed up me up in all things and it led me choose a career in computer science engineering.

My dad also used to bring English movie DVD’s for us to watch. It helped me and my sis to get a good grasp in English from a very young age. They also enrolled us in Hindi classes after school as extra  curricular activities. When I got my first job, they asked to attend the training in Mumbai. If my parents dint enroll me during my childhood days, I would have lacked the confidence to say YES during the interview and wouldn’t have got the job in the first place.

By doing the above stated things my Dad a self made man himself, guided and encouraged me to grow into a better and independent individual.

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