The Great Indian Litterbug

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As the above video sarcastically demonstrates, I dedicate this small poem for all my fellow great Indian litterbugs.

I’m a polluter and I couldn’t care less,

I toss my litter all over and create a mess.

Fresh packets, sweet wrappers, candy sticks,

In work areas, on the yard – the normal tricks.

I’m not bothered where my rubbish goes,

Let the wind carry wherever it blows.

Playing-field, enclosure – its nothing wrong,

Cant think about the trash bin all day long.

I junk the play areas and filthy the park,

I am not a hero nor tony stark.

The road is my domain; it full of dirt;

It looks appalling to you, for me its absolutely pert.

Where did I originate from? What is my game?

Me, the individual all of you blame?

What do I look like? well , I must be true,

I’m not a beast – I’m YOU, YOU & all of YOU!

 After reading this short poem, you must have gotten some idea of what I am trying to say. We humans always try to put the blame on others and escape. We talk, chat & even blog about the issues and its prevention measures. Still we end up doing nothing as an action to prevent the issues.

So let us take some action and stop being a litterbug.

Disclaimer: This post is a part of The Great Indian Litterbug ‘Happy Hours’ prompt on Indiblogger

Healthy Child Healthy Home

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A healthy child makes for a healthy home is a universal fact. Let me explain this using a live example from the past.

Kids are always lively be it home, outdoors or even schools. They spread the cheers which lightens up the mood for everyone surrounding them. My neighbor had a young kid who goes to play school . Due to that most part of the day he is at home only. As both of his parents work they leave the kid at my home under the care of my mom. I used to work in night shift during that time.

My mom will pick him up from nearby play school around 12 noon. And immediately upon arrival he will demand to switch on the cartoon channel . I will wake up due to the noise and laughter. Even though sometimes it is annoying to be disturbed during sleep it become a routine and I used that as an excuse to wake up instead of alarm.

I will get freshened up and have lunch with him and play a little before leaving to office. He was so lively that he never stays in a same place for even ten minutes. He will ask stupid and silly questions, drag us to play with him. That will make us forget the worldly worries and reduce the stress and tension. I used to go to office with a fresh mindset and that used to reflect in my work too.

One day he was diagnosed with chicken pox. So his mom took leave to take care of him. He was bed ridden for a week or so. It was the most boring and sad week of my life. To see the lively kid stagnant in the same place was not a sight to remember. Our home was not like before. It felt lonely and even in office I couldn’t fully concentrate as so many thoughts were going on and on through the mind. I was so relived after he was fully fit and regained his old form.

Home will become a happy home only when it’s residents are happy. We adults always have something in mind causing us tension and stress. So when some kids are around us, they take us to their level where everything is carefree and life is full of fun. So that proves happy kids make a happy home. And they will be happy only when they are healthy. And it spreads to the home members. So healthy kids make a healthy home.

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Get Set Bolt

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Last week it was tennis madness all over Chennai due to Aircel Chennai open finals with superstar players like Wawrinka and Leander Paes fighting it out in finals for the glory. Even I wanted to have a glimpse of what the madness is all about. So I drove there along with my pal to get a match ticket for the final day play on Sunday.

It was fully crowed with tennis enthusiasts, fans and people from many nations gracing the occasion with their presence. After a long wait in the queue we got two tickets in the East Brown corner of the Stadium. We went an hour early to escape from traffic and queue. The gates were opened by security personals and we started to rush in to get into the stadium.

Upon entering immediately after the gate there was a hoarding written as MARKET PLACE which had multiple stalls from all the sponsors advertising/ marketing their products. One place was fully crowded and we couldn’t even know what is it. So we went closer to take a look at it first. When we came closer to it, we found the stall to be named as BOLT ARENA. We were wondering what it is and why so many people are behind it. When we got a chance to peak inside, a super cool sporty looking car in a apple red color was there. It was the center of attraction and many people where taking snaps with it and the stall people where welcoming everyone with a smile and explaining the features of this mesmerizing red devil.

As the crowd was huge the stall managers weren’t able to respond to everyone’s query at the same time. So me and my friend waited for our chance. After some time one of the representative introduced himself as a sales manager and gave a brief description about this newly released hatchback model from TATA. We were also asked to check out the car and it’s features. Last year when ZEST was released by TATA, I had the privilege to test drive it in DLF office where I worked at that time. Some of the features mentioned by representative were similar to that. While ZEST was a low priced powerful sedan this BOLT was a super hatchback with more features than a Sedan.

Here are the five distinct features which caught my eye during the visit of BOLT Arena.

Comfortable and Spacious :

My family consists of five members and it is often discomfort to sit inside a hatchback during a long drive. When I checked out Bolt it was surprisingly spacious for a hatchback. And the comfort level was also top notch. The seats were of rugby shoulder type which offers maximum comfort. And the representative proudly said bolt offers superior spacing in hatchback segment among the competitors in Indian market. By the looks, it is true.

Connectnext by Harman:

Harman is a world market leader in audio and infotainment equipments. I was literally stunned when I heard BOLT has a touchscreen infotainment equipment called Connectnext by Harman. It has a array of features to stun everyone. With GPS voice recognition and smartphone compatibility this makes BOLT class apart. Harman equipments are usually associated with luxury cars such as BMW FERRARI etc. And it’s a boon to Indians that our Indian company TATA came up with this partnership and made us proud.

Safety features :

As life is precious we all care about what safety features our vehicle offers. And BOLT doesn’t disappoint us at all. It comes up with the all new generation ABS system. It also has dual airbags which is a rarity in hatchback segment. Corner stability control feature helps us stay in control at all times.

Multi Drive :

When the representative told us that BOLT comes with multi drive feature, I immediately wanted to know more about it, as it was new to me. So he started explaining in detail to me. Bolt comes up with this feature where we can select different driving mode as per our convenience. This offers better mileage and fuel efficiency. The three modes are Sport, eco and city.

Sporty Look and Color variants :

I still remember the dashing and Sporty look which made everyone to take a snap with the BOLT. The color Venetian Red is my favorite as Red is my favorite color. It also comes in some beautiful shades of colors such as Dune beige, platinum silver, pristin white and sky Grey.

Even I took a souvenir back home, a snap with the red devil which is going to rock the streets from now on.


The representative was very friendly and helpful and while leaving he also gave a wrist band to remember the visit.



I bid my goodbye and went to watch the epic finale in the stadium.

Watch the below video and explore more about this beautiful beast of a machine.

Just how Thor smashes everything with his lightening bolt, TATA is going to smash records and BOLT like his big brother ZEST is going to cause a Storm in automobile market.


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Disclaimer: “This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda.”  Images used are either clicked/edited by me. Few of the others were taken from &

Relocate Quikr

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If you just got a new Job in Bangalore or transferred to Bangalore, no need to panic. Its so easier now to relocate.

Bangalore being the IT HUB of India, many engineering professionals get a job there. The Climate is also very welcoming as it is neither hot nor cold. It is also a very good place for fun activities as it has multiple fun, amusement and recreational areas.

I spent my two and half years in Bangalore and loved every bit of it. In this post I give you an easy way to relocate to Bangalore without any tension.

If you are relocating, just pack your bags and go there. Upon Arrival just login into and let it take care of the rest.


If you open the link, you can see all the versatile categories it contains. From Automobiles, mobiles, home, pets education, jobs and everything.

All you have to do it click on the category you like and search for the best offer and buy QUIKR.

So here I dedicate my small remix of the famous ‘Everything is awesome’ song from the movie LEGO 🙂

Everything is awesome
Everything is cool when you buy from QUIKR
Everything is awesome when we’re living the dream

Have you heard the news, everyone’s talking
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Everything is awesome
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And there is also something even cooler. If you cant find something you are looking for, you can create a new alert with your needs. If someone else finds related to it, they can contact you and your wish will be fulfilled.

So QUIKR is your personal genie which fulfills your wishes.

Relocating has become tension and stress free all thanks to QUIKR.

Even if you are moving out of Bangalore to hometown and want to sell your furniture and household items, you can turn to QUIKR and without fikar (worry) you can bech Quikr.

They stand by their motto and offer a superb service. Even when I relocated to Chennai I had to sell my washing machine and fridge in Bangalore. I used quickr and sold it with in a day and the customer himself came and picked it up from my home.

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I was so bored today that I searched for a topic to scribble about in my Blog. This topic under Indiblogger kind of looked like a fun topic to write about. So here is my take on it.

Well I for one feel that, as a Human everybody has both Good and Bad qualities in them. As we all love to break the rules, the bad things (as labelled by society) always amuses us.

The world we live in is so cruel that all our acts are looked upon, tagged , stereotyped and labelled as either good/bad.

But in the End, its upon oneself to think about others opinions or let it go.

Why ask for others opinions when it doesn’t even matter?

Define your own definitions of Good and Bad and Be yourself.

As everyone at some point of their life does at least one BAD thing, the below picture does hold true 😛

Real Good Girls

Real Good Girls

Predestination – Let’s get mind fucked

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Predestination is a recently released English Sci fi film staring my favorite Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook in the lead.

This is an incredibly crafted creative film which contains all the aspects of a Sci fi thriller. This predominantly deals with time travel and the twist at the end will leave you mind fucked.

The spierig brothers have done a great job with directing such a unique film.  The acting from the leads were top notch. The story is original and unique and Climax is breathtaking.

This is a treat to science fiction fans. Time travel movies can sometimes be boring with multiple loopholes and defying logics.  But this one is beautifully narrated and that makes it a must watch in my list.

My Verdict : 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

One among the top ten movies in 2014!!

Jessabelle – Movie Review

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Jessabelle is a recently released English feature film under genre Horror. It has Sarah as its star cast who played a memorable role in the film Predestination.

It follows the similar formula of horror films and much used cliches to scare the audience.    Story is okayish but the screenplay is disappointing. The movie tries to end on a high note similar to Skeleton Key but fails miserably at it.

The acting is good but overall the movie misses something which makes it a below average one.

Verdict 1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)

Watch it if you are bored and got nothing else to watch.