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It is the time of the year where everyone of us takes multiple resolutions for the upcoming year.¬† Whether we keep it or not isn’t a primary concern but at least to make some resolutions is the need of the hour to stay with the herd ūüėõ

I have decided to enhance my multi tasking capabilities.  Also to increase my photography skills so I can capture some super cool selfies for profile pictures. To reduce the boredom while sitting idle at office I have also planned to become a gamer to immerse myself into the gaming world. I have also decided to complete the books I started reading last year and never completed it.  I also want to become a social addict like few of my friends and become a social icon. And finally I want to watch more films and TV shows compared to previous years.

As I look back at the jotted resolutions it looks like a lot of things to keep up.  Even I got a doubt will I be able to follow all these?

Then I came across this awesome video in YouTube.  It is about a new tablet coming from the Indian giant Micromax.

The tablet looked like a piece of a marvelous art crafted to perfection.  The sleek and solid glass finish pleases the eyes and makes us say WOW. And this piece of art can help me fulfill all my new year resolutions. Here is how

Multitasker :

The tab is powered by super fast and smooth Intel atom processor (1.2 Ghz) .  It also has 1GB Ram.  There is a new technology used called hyper threading which eases multi tasking and can make me a Multitasker.

Movie Manic :

8 inch screen with 800*1280 resolution offers a grand viewing experience. With a monstrous 4400 mAh battery I can watch multiple movies on the go without getting the juice out of the battery.

Photographer :

With 5 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera along with 1080p HD video recording and playback I can snap and capture everything.  With its 8 GB inbuilt storage and extendable storage upto 32 GB I can store the whole world in it.

Gamer :

This awesome tab comes with multiple pre loaded games and also has a M! Games option to play live games for added fun.  The processor is super fast which kicks the lags out of the games.

Social Icon &  Book worm:

As it comes with kitkat os it supports all new apps which helps me to stay connected to the world always. I can become a social addict and book worm at the same time. It also has voice calling 3G GPS to help me keep connected to the world.

Finally I have found my Savior who can help me fulfill all my resolutions. Yes it’s Micromax canvas tab P666.

You too can discover the new you.  Get your canvas tab now!!

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Love is in the air

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It was a Saturday evening and our hero was roaming with his friends in a nearby shopping mall. It was their routine every weekend to visit the mall to kill the time by window shopping and sightseeing beautiful girls who visit the mall.

That day was a special one.¬† Our hero like always went to the mall in his¬† Kakhi shorts with a casual graphic v neck tee with wordings “YES BABY I AM ALL YOURS”¬† with a matching flip-flop sporting a stubble. He was sitting with his friends opposite to McDonald’s as many people cross that place to the elevators.

Suddenly his eye catches a beautiful girl who was walking with her friends giggling about something. He looks at his friends and every single one of them was looking at the same girl with awe. He shouted guys she is mine I have finally fell in love and it’s true love.¬† His friends made fun of him.¬† But our hero said wait let me go and propose. All guys again made fun of him.¬† Our hero took all that as motivation and followed the girl.¬† She went into mochi and her friends were trying various footwear. Our hero took the courage and said Hi.¬† She turned back and responded WHO ARE YOU?.¬† Then he introduced himself. She said SO WHAT DO YOU WANT? .¬† Our hero said YOU ARE LOOKING SO PRETTY I THINK I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE. she immediately replied WELL I DON’T DATE CAVEMEN.

Our hero was ashamed and went home sadly.¬† Even consolations from friends didn’t help him to forget that incident. Days passed and our hero went to movie with his friends for a night show.¬† So he came directly from office.¬† Due to his strict manager he used to go clean shaved with tucked in shirts with a complete professional attire.

During the interval he came out to buy popcorn and Pepsi for himself and the gang.  And then an angelic voice asks him HELLO DO I KNOW YOU? Our hero turns back to see where it came from.  It was that same girl from the past whom he fell in love at the first sight. He smiled back and answered YES I AM THE CAVEMAN.  She replied WOW YOU ARE DASHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM THAT DAY. Both laughed at that and had a small chat and shared their mobile numbers.  And the rest in history.

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Love is in the air, all you need to do is grab it.

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Uncle Uncle

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It was four years back when I was doing my third year in college. It was semester holidays in November and our college gang decided to go on trip down south for a few days. Upon multiple discussions most of them agreed to it. It was finally decided as a trip to Munnar in Kerala as one of our gang member’s family had a resort there. So to reduce the expenses and to also enjoy the scenic beauty of God’s Own country we started the Journey.

We went by train and then took a cab to the resort. We were welcomed warmly by our friends family and then began the picnic. We freshened ourselves and took appam with kadala curry as breakfast and went to nearby waterfalls in a taxi. After taking bath in batches in the waterfalls and playing nonstop in the water we sat down in a tea stall nearby for some time off.

There came a cheerful family with a naughty kid who wasn’t obeying his parents commands and running here and there. All of a sudden he ran into me and made my tea fall all over me. His mother came rushing to give two slaps and I stopped it saying it’s fine. And then to my shock the lady told to her kid “SAY SORRY TO THAT UNCLE” . And the kid also did the same. All my friends burst out laughing and started teasing me UNCLE for some time.

It was weird for me as I was just twenty and already people started calling me uncle. And then I looked my reflection in my mobile. I was too lazy to even shave and followed the No shave November moment. Then I realized beard and being unshaven isn’t cool and it will only make you look more mature and old. From then onwards I always take some time to shave regularly and it has boosted my confidence too.

I have accepted Amit’s¬†tag for this post and would like to tag my blogger friend Swarna¬†for #WillYouShave activity.

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My Ultimate Dream Destination

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Its a gloomy morning after christmas, 26th of December . I wake myself up immediately when the alarm buzzes at 4:30 am. I get ready so fast as I was filled with too much excitement as I am finally stepping¬†outside of India, to my dream destination. I go as early as possible to the airport, completing the hugging formalities with family after double checking the luggage’s as it is going to be trip of around 3¬†days in solitude.

I rush into the counter in airport to check in the luggage and get my boarding pass. Then I sat down in the waiting lounge eagerly thinking about all the adventures which awaits me in the destination. The wait elongated¬†due to the long journey. It was an Air Asia flight with¬†1 stop at Kula lampur. The four hour journey to Kula Lumpur went in dreams with superb hospitality. The seven hour wait between connecting planes was¬†excruciating. I tried to watch a movie in my iPad. As I couldn’t concentrate fully on it, I switched to music and played some games to keep myself busy during waiting hours. ¬†Then the announcement came and its time to board the flight without any stops to my ultimate dream destination. I ran through the gates and sat at the window seat allocated to me. Took a nice little nap in the comfort of¬† cushions. It was 27th December morning around 9:30 AM, the flight landed on the ground, I jumped out of the seat and got down from the flight to keep my foot on MELBOURNE just like a Superstar ūüėõ


Then began the most wonderful 3 days of my life.

I kept my luggage, got little freshened up and completed my breakfast at the Holiday Inn nearby the airport. I wanted to begin my journey by getting some history lessons about the Amazing Australia. So I¬†headed to the¬†Melbourne Museum which helped me gain knowledge about the history, Indigenous cultures, science and the environment about AUSTRALIA. The Forest gallery had amazing living creatures like kolo and the skeletons of dinosaur just reminded me of the movie “Night at the Museum” ūüėõ . I wandered into the¬†Mind exhibition. It was such an unique experience with so much emotions and memories. After these rides, to relax a bit, I rested myself at the Museum cafe and had a sip of coffee.

Being alone, I joined in a conversation with a group of people at the cafe. They were also tourists and they came all the way from UK. They were planning to take a bicycle tour near Swanston Street & ST Kilda road as their next stop. I too joined them. The place is full of architecture marvels. The street arts, the public arts, all the buildings just looked like a wonder to me. It was so amazing. We took groupfies , selfies and so many photos to fill our memory cards. After spending the day enjoying the architecture wonders, the heritage and wildlife, we¬†went to the pub called ‘The Standard’ and had a delicious dinner and parted ways.

After a decent enough sleep, it was day two of my adventure. As it was a Sunday, I started my day by going to the cathedrals and visited few churches also on the way. Then I dedicated this day to perform some outdoor and leisure activities. I went to Commando Skydivers to do what I dreamed I would do. Yes I did the Skydiving. The adrenaline rush was awesome. To keep the excitement going, I followed it up with the Balloon flight. It was wonderful to fly in a hot air balloon. The views were breathtaking. Later I went to Luna Park and Watermarc to get amused from these amazing amusement parks. The roller coaster ride was a legendary one. The Usage of trams to travel was a new experience for me as its non existent in where I come from. After a tiring day of adventure, I ended my day with an Australian BBQ. After a tummy full of delight, I went to bed looking at the pictures I captured the whole day.

Day 3 began with me going to the Yarra valley to experience the finest Vineyard in Melbourne. The wine tasted like honey and I couldn’t control myself from buying one ūüėÄ . Even though it was only 3 days, I felt like I was missing my home food. So I searched in Google for some Indian restaurants near by. I was so surprised to find so many Indian restaurants. I went to the ‘Biryani House’ and got myself a yummy tasty biryani.¬†Its was time to visit the penguins at the Philips Island. The Penguins were so lively and the parade is not a thing to miss during the visit. Coming from India, where cricket is a religion, How can I miss the MCG? On my way to Great Ocean road, I visited the MCG & its Museum to take some snaps. Then I went to¬†Great Ocean road to take a peaceful short walk. The rocks and the settings were so picturesque which made me take so many snaps. As it was my last day, I had a lot of shopping to do. So I had to rush into¬†Queen Victoria Market¬†and¬†The Rose St. Artists’ Market. I shopped so many things to fill my baggage. I even bought multiple¬†Vinyl¬†records which my dad loves.While shopping, I saw a sign in nearby salon ¬†“Free beer with haircut”. So I took it as a souvenir and had a hair cut in Melbourne ūüôā

I took the tram one last time and then a cab on my way to airport. All through my flight journey back home, I was going through the pictures to cherish the plethora of memories I gathered in these 3 days short trip.

Why it is my Ultimate Dream Destination?

I would take some time to explain why Melbourne is my Ultimate dream destination.

  • Melbourne is rated as the most livable city in the world.
  • The Culture, heritage and everything is so welcoming.
  • Food, Dining, wining are no match to others. Its a¬†Global Gourmet City.
  • Street Arts are one of the best.
  • Shopping here is an awesome experience and cheap too.
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground ūüôā
  • Travel in Hot Air Balloons.
  • Vinyl capital of the world.
  • Free beer during haircut ūüėõ
  • People – They are so welcoming and helping in nature.

I had long dreamt about going there, so I utilized all my savings to finally fulfill my dreams. And these 3 days were worth it. I had one of the amazing adventure of my life. You too can have it. Just Visit Melbourne.

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Get to know Melbourne :

Watch these Amazing videos to know what lies ahead in this adventure. COME ALIVE IN MELBOURNE.

PS: This is a complete fictional story and I have never stepped outside of INDIA in my life so far ūüôā

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My Stand on Pre Marital Sex

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Ever since this topic has been listed as a contest in Indiblogger, there has been a heated debate in the forum about how controversial the subject is and the views of many of them seems to vary from north to south pole. Even I did not want to take part in it as it seemed very controversial at first. As days went by I was thinking how INDIA which gave kamasutra to the world, and so many ancient temples which has exquisitely carved and crafted sculptures of sexual nature suddenly became a place where even speaking about sex and related things became a taboo. So here I am sharing my views on this to the whole world.

Being a teen in my early twenties coming from a traditional south indian family, I couldnt conclude immediately to say whether its right or wrong to engage in pre marital sexual activities. Even though my mind said its wrong, heart couldn’t agree completely on it. So I started thinking about all the positivies and negatives to make a conclusion. So here are my findings.

Benefits of Sex:

Science has proved that sex can improve the Immune System , it can lower the blood pressure, Lowers Heart Attack Risk, counts as an excercise, improves sleep and eases stress. As Sex is a powerful brain stimulant, it can boost ones self-esteem and happiness too.

Now lets see how it fares when it happens pre maritally.

  1. It runs the risk of conceiving illegitimate children (Unwanted pregnancies).
  2. High risk of contracting one of the many venereal diseases such as STD etc.
  3. Usage of multiple contraceptive Pills can cause Infertility.
  4. Breakups become more hurtful and painful.
  5. Having sex at a young age without proper sexual education, can lead to potential dangers.
  6. It can arrest their psychological, social and academic development.
  7. Coming from a religious background its also considered a Sin.
  8. The worry about pregnancy & diseases.
  9. Feeling guilty.
  10. Having regrets.

When we compare the positives and negatives, the benefits do outweigh the negatives.

If Pre marital sex happens between adults with mutal consent and they practice ‘safe sex’ then its fine.

Sex is something which is a very private affair happening between two people. So either its pre or saving the virginity for marriage is their own decision to make. Finally they have to accept the decision and live by the consequences.

As far as I am concerned, I stand against it , as it doesnt comply by my own religious and moral values.

This Post is a part of Indiblogger Campaign “YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex” to promote the book “A Passionaate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical True Love Story (English)” ¬†by¬† Poonaam Uppal.

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The Spark

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Kids are full of energy and always fun to be with. When they are part of something, the energy spreads across and cheers everyone surrounding them making it a happiest place on earth.

Let me take you back six years in time. It was just another normal evening in my home, I was playing counter strike in pc, and my sis and my mom were watching their favorite serials on TV. My dad just came from office and changed TV to boring news channel. After drinking some coffee he asked, as annual exams are ending in few weeks, where can we go for picnic? I shouted from computer room “ANDAMAN”. My sister wanted to go to Kerala. But as we went to Kerala earlier after a long discussion we concluded on Andaman. I was so excited. My dad booked flight¬†next week. And finally the day of travel arrived.

The flight journey was enjoyable as the view from above was breathtaking. We got down at Port Blair airport and took a prepaid car to get to the hotel which we booked earlier. Later we checked in at the hotel. After an hour we got down to check out the beauty of Andaman and Nicobar islands. To our shock it was raining heavily. We asked the hotel manager about the nearby tourist attractions and when the rain will stop. He responded its Andaman and it rains every day in here. Our parents started discussing, how we will go in rain, already we have cold bla bla and finally agreed to go when the rain stops. So we waited at the hotel looking at the window. We were bored, sitting with gloomy face shuffling channels in TV. Suddenly voices of laughter came from the window. We looked outside to see what’s happening. There were a bunch of kids playing in the rain enjoying .

Looking at the innocent faces enjoying without a care in the world, just ignited a spark inside me. I shouted let’s get out; we came here not to sit and watch TV inside a room, let’s go and enjoy. And I pulled them out of bed and we went on a cruise to coral island that day. I let out the kid in me which made that a most memorable tour of my life.

We adults think too much and miss the fun in almost everything. Kids don’t expect anything, all they care is about having the best day every day. They add the magic to everything they are part of. The way they enjoy and show their amusement makes the onlookers catch some of the cheers and leaves a long lasting smile on them.

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Road Safety – Be the Change

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Road safety is one of the  major social concern in our country. India being the second largest road network in the world also accounts for 10 percent of fatal road accidents worldwide. And the social cost of these accidents in INDIA alone is expected as $11,000 USD. We lag behind the safety norms of international standards.

What is the cause of it?

We¬† humans take everything for granted and misuse it. We mostly don’t wear helmets while driving two wheelers. Even when its mandatory, we are okay with paying 50 to 100 rupee fine for not wearing it, as it will make our hair look unkempt/sweaty.

We don’t use subways and bridges to cross the road and instead walk into the traffic as we are always in a hurry.

We also use footpath to drive our two wheelers when in traffic because that saves us a lot of time.

And when we walk also, we walk in the middle of the road as footpaths are dirty and even shout at people who drive near us.

When it comes to driving a car, we don’t bother wearing the seat belt as its treated as a hindrance. We also proudly say ‘I don’t even wear seat belts in flights’

How do we fix this?

As Mahatma Gandhi said ‘Be the change you want to see in the world“, the responsibility lies with us. We must start to follow the rules and let go of the chalta hai attitude.

Our Government has taken multiple steps to up the safety norms but we still find loopholes in order to misuse it.

Rash Driving, not using proper safety measures can take life in an instant.  We only get one life and we must not waste it by our silly mistakes. When we drive, its not only our life , other drivers and pedestrians life is also in our hands. So we must take complete responsibilities while driving.

When I went for getting my license in RTO office, that day around 40 to 50 people came. But only few (around 10) were asked to drive bike and car in the morning. When I went to collect the printed license in the evening I saw around 30 people came for it. I asked a guy who came in the morning but dint drive anything, he replied with a bright smile “I have paid 1000 extra machi”.¬† He had this sense of superiority about himself being able to get the job done with bribing. These things leads to bad drivers, who doesn’t have any sense of road rules and regulations.

The road safety rules and regulations shouldn’t be taken lightly as its a matter of life and death. These laws are for our benefits. So as long as we obey it, we wont be needing luck to be on our side.

Few pointers from my side:

  • Start early so you don’t have to accelerate and do rash driving.
  • Slow and steady wins the race. Drive slowly and smoothly as long as you are not in a race ūüėõ
  • Always check for safety measures while buying vehicles (such as airbags etc).
  • Keep safe distance from front vehicles.
  • Wear helmet always while driving two wheelers.
  • We wear belts to keep our pant intact, why not seat-belts to keep our life intact ? – wear them always.
  • Follow the lane while driving in highways.
  • Never drink and drive.
  • Use dim/dip lights in high way and night driving.
  • Stop using headphones and listening to songs while driving as its the only time to hear songs.
  • Stop answering calls and using mobile while driving.
  • Use Zebra crossing , subways and bridges when its available.
  • Obey the rules and follow the signals.

Your Life is in your hands, take good care of it by following these ūüôā

This Post is part of SAFETY BEGINS WITH ME campaign by Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF) in association with Indiblogger.

About the Campaign:

The Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., conducts the Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF) in India as part of its safety driving promotion activities. The program began as an annual activity in 2012. In its initial phase it covered three main Indian cities ‚Äď New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai ‚Äď and since then has gradually expanded to several additional cities across India.

This year, NSDF would reach 8 new cities ‚Äď Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Jaipur, Vadodara, Nagpur, Chennai, Mangalore and Kochi. The overall reach and engagement levels have phenomenally grown and NSDF has effectively reached close to 2 lakh citizens. It continues to stay committed to its core objective of promoting safe driving behaviour in India. Nissan seeks to support reducing fatalities and injuries caused by traffic accidents, and NSDF represents the company’s commitment in contributing to young, vibrant and mobile India.

For More Detailed info: Check Here

CLEANATHON – Lets make INDIA Cleaner

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The title of this post might have intrigued you to ask “I am Clean.I am keeping my home clean. Why make India clean?, Isn’t it Government’s Job to keep it clean using taxpayers money?

We the humans can’t stand to see our home/work place dirty or untidy. At least once in a week we mop and clean our house. We take so much care as we spend most of our time there. Similarly INDIA is our home so it becomes our social and civic duty to keep it clean. Public Transports, Parks, roads, railway stations, malls, Bus stops all these are pride of our home called INDIA. These are part of our day to day activity, yet we spit and litter all over as if it doesn’t even matter. And finally we play the blame game and blame it on the Government.

Lately most of us have been either hearing/speaking about the Swachh India and similar campaigns but forget it later after voicing just our opinions. If we want a Change to happen, it has to start within. That is why Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Now you may ask “How does cleaning it help” ?

Well Cleaning helps in raising awareness about sanitation and hygiene. Cleaning helps to maintain hygiene and prevents us from catching deadly diseases. Yes, being unhygienic can lead to lot of health problems. In Many rural villages there are still no latrines used. Even in developed city like Chennai there aren’t proper disposal of sewage or wastewater. This causes ecosystem for mosquito’s and leads to malaria etc.¬† When trash is not properly disposed and waste water joins¬† fresh water, it poisons it and disrupts the balance in nature and causes havoc for other creatures too. So proper cleaning, sanitation and hygiene goes a long way. It creates a ripple effect and creates lots of benefits for us and makes earth sustainable.

Being an ardent fan of Team Arsenal in EPL, I made myself a part of a Community called “Arsenal Chennai Fans Community” in Facebook. It was all fun and troll at the start.¬† During the FIFA world cup match between Ivory Coast & Japan, something just caught our attention (Not only ours, whole world too). The Japanese fans who came to watch the match, even though their team lost, they stayed and cleaned the whole stands after the match. It was such a wonderful gesture . When ISL came to Chennai, few folks in the community posted about doing the same deed in Chennai Nehru Stadium. Many included me were hesitant to join at first, but it become a huge success with many volunteers joined from second match onwards. Even though I couldn’t join that effort due to work timings and restrictions, I felt really proud seeing my friends and community mates following a good deed and leaving a legacy. I have pledged to myself to take part in such initiatives in future and¬† it gave me the courage to join a similar initiative in my work place.



A Small spark set by Japanese fans has become a wildfire with so many people following the same.  Let this Cleanathon spark lit up and make way for brighter and cleaner INDIA.

What is Cleanathon?

RB (Reckitt Benckiser) and NDTV have partnered to launch ‚ÄúDettol ‚Äď Banega Swachh India‚ÄĚ ‚Äď a 5 year ambitious program to address the rising need of hygiene and sanitation in India.

The campaign will aim at creating awareness about the importance of hygiene and sanitation, and also work with NGO partners to support infrastructure for construction and maintenance of toilets. RB India has committed to spend a sum of Rs.100 crores towards this program over a period of the next 5 years.

As a part of this initiative, NDTV & Dettol are organising a 12 hour LIVE televised CLEANATHON on 14th December, 2014, which will bring together the entire nation towards better sanitation & hygiene. Mr Amitabh Bachchan is our campaign ambassador and will be the host of this event. The show will include LIVE ground events from different parts of the country which will bring citizens together to engage in a mass Cleanathon all day from 9:00am to 9:00pm and will see participation from Chief Ministers, other government voices, corporates, opinion-makers, PM’s Swachh Ambassadors, Bollywood & Sports personalities & other celebrities.

For More info:

Let us follow what Our Beloved Michael Jackson sang and Heal the world together ūüôā

“Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me”

Raise Your Standard

Sharing is Caring !!

It’s Christmas season all around the globe and time to share the glad tidings of joy to everyone. Christmas is all about sharing and caring for our needy brothers and sisters. It is the time of the year when we thank GOD for all things he has done for us the past year.

No matter how much GOD blesses us financially, we humans always desire for things we dont have and increase our expenditures to live a luxorious life thinking all those are legitimate needs.

These luxuries we indulge overselves mostly spoils us rather than putting us in a comfort zone.

So lets take a time and think. This year and onwards let us pledge to Raise our Standard of Giving rather than raising our standard of living.

There are lot of people around the world who deprive from hunger due to poverty. Staticstics show that so many kids suffer from malnutirion and hunger becomes hobby for them.

Its in OUR HANDS to prevent this. Let us all stop finding more ways to spend money and DONATE. The happiness attained from making others happy is bliss.

This post is part of #BlogToFeedAChild activity by Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda , where in Blogadda will donate meal for a kid a whole year when someone makes a blog post. Start blogging and start giving.

Donating is giving back to the socitey we live in as the children will become the future pillars of the same society.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

So this christmas lets be a santa in some kids life and share the happiness ūüôā