A new dawn

It was August 2010, I had completed my engineering and got placed in a reputed MNC during on campus interview. The placement happened way back in march. But I dint get a call up when to join the office premises. As it was holidays sort of days, me and my family went to Goa for a family picnic. When we got down at airport and took out our baggage, I got a phone call from a land line number from Mumbai. The conversation went like this.

Caller: Hello ! Am i speaking to MR. Daniel Mangalraj?

Me: Yes. This is Daniel. Who is this?

Caller: Hi Daniel. This is Swarna calling from Patni Computers, Mumbai.

Me: yes ! tell me

Caller: As you are aware you got placed in our company during the campus visit. I would like to inform you that your training would start from September second week here in Mumbai. I have mailed you with all the details. Reply back with your confirmation.

Me: MUMBAI ? Patni is also in chennai right? Can you please let me join in Chennai as I have never stepped out of my hometown alone.

Caller: Daniel, we cant provide such options for each individual. It would be against our policy. Let me know your confirmation by end of the week either by call or email.

Me: OK thanks.

Then I shared the news with my parents who were by my side in airport. They were shocked. As I have never been out of my home town before all alone, they said, no need to go, You can try some other job here itself. All during the tour I was thinking about that only. I don’t want to let go of the opportunity. I thought that would be a new adventure in my life and wanted to take the risk. Also the company is one of the top MNC in India. So I dint want to let go of this. I took the decision of joining in Mumbai and going there alone. for the next whole week, I convinced my parents to accept it.

I dropped an email to HR about my joining, even before my parents said YES. I was confident that I will get an approval from them. They were stubborn for a while. But eventually came to agreement, as I was adamant because its my life.

September came very fast and it was time to bid goodbye. Even though it was a short span of three months. It was very challenging and new for me. I had to adjust myself to the new food, language and make all new friends.  It seemed tough at first but it all came easy. I had the time of my life during the training period, made so many good friends and carried lot of awesome memories back home.  Time went by and my job has taken me to many new places and given me new adventures. Without this first one and the bold step, I wouldn’t have gotten the confidence and these adventures in my life so far.

So #StartANewLife and new beginning with new dawn !!

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Car Buying Advice for Pre owned Cars in Delhi

We all realize that the Pre-owned car business is a major one in India at this moment. There are heaps of advancements that have added to this bloom lately. Individuals are relentlessly discovering used cars an incredible and potent solution for their necessities. A considerable measure of it needs to do with the present monetary situation. Despite the fact that inflation has been controlled to some degree, costs are still on the higher side so are expenses of living. With rise in expenses of living, keeping up and acquiring a new car can prove too expensive for people.

Therefore, people in metropolitan urban communities are ready to take the Pre owned cars. The used car phenomenon is on the rise as numerous dealerships for used cars are getting opened in urban areas. Owing to the demand, even car manufacturers are opening used car dealerships of their own.

The rise of these used car phenomenon can be tied to following reasons.

  • Extensively lower costs
  • No registration or tax charges
  • No extra insurance costs
  • Absence of loan hassle and steep EMIs
  • Easy installments offered by dealerships

If you purchase online, you may well save this additional money that goes into the dealer’s pocket. After all, the dealer is purchasing the vehicle from the original owner for a specified sum of money and then selling it to you at a considerably higher amount to make a profit out of the deal. This is the basic mechanism behind the functioning of used car dealerships. Online purchases can take such expenses out of the equation altogether. How do you purchase used cars online? Many people often shy away from online purchases owing to their unfamiliarity with the medium at large.

However, the process is extremely user friendly and will not take up too much time or energy on your part. All you need to do is log on to online classifieds portals for buying a used car in Delhi or search for ‘car for sale in delhi‘ ads online. Once you select Delhi as filter criteria for city, you will be able to view a list of available pre owned cars in delhi. . You are assured of finding multiple choices in almost every segment on online classifieds portals. Alongside, there are helpful listings and sub listings to help you find your desired car considerably faster.

You can select your car model and manufacturer or simply browse through the list of advertisements posted by sellers on the portal. Alongside, you can also select your own locality, neighborhood or specific area if you want to find sellers close by. This will help you narrow down your search and give you a bird’s eye view of what is currently available for the taking. Once this is done and you have zeroed in on a few models that you are interested in, you have to browse through the advertisements carefully. Check out the features, specifications and other information listed by sellers before deciding. Do not judge blindly by the pictures alone in this case.

You will find contact details of sellers listed in their advertisements in most cases. Get hold of the same and contact these sellers without any further ado. In case contact details are not directly mentioned in an advertisement, you can simply reply to the posted advertisement directly with your desires and requirements. This process is hassle free and will get you in direct touch with the seller. There is no middleman involved and you will always be able to get the best possible price for your car at all times.

In addition, you can also bargain with sellers for lower prices and may end up with lucrative discounts on the original prices stated by them. This depends on your bargaining ability and your own luck of course! If you are not satisfied with the available second hand cars on offer in your city, you can consider posting an advertisement stating your own needs and requirements. This advertisement should ideally contain all your own information including name, address and contact number. You should mention the car model and make that you desire and of course, the basic features you expect the used car to possess. Finally, you should mention your desired budget range. This advertisement will enable sellers in your location to contact you immediately and work out a great deal.

Posting advertisements is a great way to get results in super quick time. You can post advertisements without paying a single penny and still get results. However, if you are really pressed for time and want super quick, guaranteed results, you can opt for the premium advertisement system. This only requires you to shell out a nominal amount of money and your advertisement automatically reaches out to more viewers as a result. This is one of the biggest benefits of online classifieds portals.

Firstly, you should always endeavor to check out the car in question before finalizing the deal. Always take along a qualified mechanic or a friend who is an expert when you go to inspect the car for the very first time. Taking the car on a test drive is highly recommended as this will give you a feel of the same and help you make your decision faster. Make it a point to get the car checked thoroughly with a view towards ferreting out any possible hidden malfunctions or defects that might plague you in the future. This approach will always help you steer clear of any possible mishaps with regard to a malfunctioning or broken down car.

Have a positive attitude towards minor issues. If certain problems can be fixed easily and at low costs, you can in turn use the same to bargain for a lower price with the used car seller. This is one strategy that has worked wonders for many people and many well help you get a better deal on your purchase. Buying used cars for sale is a breeze on online classifieds portals. This is the most cost effective, user friendly and hassle free solution available to you in this regard. Use these portals wisely and reap a multitude of benefits!

Dry Baby Happy Baby

There are lot of things which makes a baby truly happy. It can either be silly or funny but when it brings a smile to the little ones, it does kick start a happy mood to everyone around. Here are few things which makes them smile & giggle and spread the happiness around.

1. Strange Sounds

Make weird sounds and unusual voices such as slurp, burp 😛 !! It tends to bring a giggle in the little ones.

2. Pets

Pet dogs and cats and even fishes are amazing company for kids as well as adults. These pets tends to be extremely amusing for babies . If you don’t like pets at home, take the toddlers for a zoo visit or aquarium. It will led to laughter and smile for the young ones.

3. Tickling

Who doesn’t laugh at tickling ? kids are extremely sensitive to tickling. Don’t forget to do it gently. Try it in baby’s feet, chin, armpits or inner thighs and you will be rewarded with uncontrollable giggles 🙂

4. Make funny faces

Stick your tongue out or make some funny faces. It sure does inspires the baby to chuckle.

5. Pretend to gnaw

Pretending to bite the toes will make them squeal and laugh at the same time.They will just love it.

6. Siblings

Babies often laugh at their siblings when they try to sing or dance to tunes, because they always find their siblings funny even from those young age 😛

7. Playing Games

Playing games such as peekaboo and chasing them (if they started crawling). These are some of the popular games which will evoke laughter in kids.

8.Calm tummies

Calm tummies make the babies contented. So feed them properly on time and pat on the back so they digest everything properly

9. Toys

Kids love to grab everything with their tiny hands. So provide them with toys which they can play with and it will sure lead to happiness and make them giggle and laugh.

10. Laughing parents

Laughter is contagious. So when parents are happy and laughing, the babies also will join in the fun and laughter and mirth in the room. Happy parents make happy child. Leave the work tension at office itself and don’t be gloomy before the babies. Always look energetic and happy as it will boost the child’s excitement and mood.

Even if all these steps are followed, dirty and wet diapers will make the baby cry. So a diaper which keeps them dry adds to the joy and excites its mood and keep them happy for a long time. So use a good diaper which will keep them dry for a longer time because Dry baby is a happy baby and wet baby is a cry baby 😛

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If there are any pointers I have missed, do share them in comments section !!

Looking UP

Life is full of ups and downs. And only when we go down, we look up for some miracle/hope to inspire us and to fill us with positivity. Same happens in everyone’s life.  This is one such incident which describes how I looked up for hope and what inspired me and filled me with optimism during an adversity.

It was February 2010 , I was in my final year of college. It was time for campus interviews. The company schedule was announced and around 10 companies were visiting our college in the span of 1 month. To get a reputed name from these MNCs our college started giving coaching classes on how to clear the interview rounds such as aptitude test, group discussion, technical and HR rounds. As everyone was preparing vigorously to get placed during college days itself, I too started studying and preparing myself for these interviews.

Days passed and it was time for the first interview. The very first company was HCL and we were all asked to assemble in the lab. There were three rounds to clear. First one was aptitude and folks clearing it was asked to sit in 5 member group for a group discussion. I cleared both of these with ease. Next came the technical round. A Panel of 3 members were sitting inside staff room in our lab. There were five such panels during the interview. One by one students were called upon according to their roll numbers. One of my friend came out with a very bright smile after his interview in just 2 or 3 minutes. When we asked what questions were asked he replied like ‘whats your name? tell about yourself, why did you chose this college?‘. Clock was ticking and I was eagerly waiting for my chance to come. Most of the out coming students were coming with a smile because of the simple questions they faced in interview.

After a long wait my time finally came, I went in and shook hands with the 3 panelists. They asked to introduce myself. As I was introducing myself, one of the panel member got a call and he left. The other guy was sipping his coffee with biscuits. The remaining panelist took my resume and started to go through it. He stumbled upon my final year project. As it was done using JAVA APPLETS, he started asking questions regarding it. After my answer, he provided a paper and a pen and asked to write a sample program using applet . I took some time and finished my sample program. He reviewed it and asked me to write the same program using C++. I was trying to gather my old learning’s and code it, but couldn’t complete it. So he asked can you write it in C# or C? As I was aware of C# I wrote the program in C# and immediately presented the paper for review. Then he asked some technical questions and I answered all of it. Then he shook my hands & said you did great !

As I got a positive comment, I was hoping to get placed. Even staffs and friends congratulated me after I told them about it. I couldn’t sleep the whole night, as they mentioned results would be announced tomorrow. Next day to my shock , my name was absent in the placed candidate list. I was so depressed and sad and staffs were consoling me by saying ‘That panel might have been a rejection panel. They would have already selected the numbers they came for.’

Due to that depression, I skipped meals and dint come out of the house even during weekends. Next week another MNC was scheduled to visit our campus for interview. I was thinking to skip it blaming my luck. That Saturday afternoon, the door bell rang. My mom went to open the door. It was my moms friends from next street. They both work in a private school near by for the past 10+ years. She came with sweets as she got a government job in her late forties.  Her kids already got married and well settled, but still she tried for the government job as it was her dream from childhood and finally it came true after 40+ years of wait.  That incident stuck like a jolt to me . I got up and started preparing more rigorously for the next interview.  And I got placed in that Company which became my first Company 🙂

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Advantages of investing in a dual SIM mobile

Dual SIM mobiles are on the rise. Even smartphones now offer dual SIM functionality. Before getting into its advantages, let me state what is Dual SIM. As the name suggests these are phones which offer two slots for SIM cards. Which means we can insert two SIM cards as per our convenience and use both simultaneously in a single phone.

There are lot of advantages of using DUAL SIM mobiles. Let me share some of them here.

Keep Office & Personal life balance:

A dual-SIM phone is a great way to carry one device while keeping your personal and work lives separate. You don’t have to give your personal phone number to your boss or clients and you can keep your work number out of the hands of telemarketers. Also, when an unknown number shows up on your caller ID, you’ll be able to see which line is ringing and get a clue as to what the call is about.

Reduce the roaming charges:

When you are traveling out of state or abroad, you would need a local SIM for a reduced tariff. For this you will be needing two mobiles to carry. But with Dual SIM mobiles one is enough. You can have local SIM and old SIM both in same phone and use it with ease without having to worry about the tariff.

Cost Advantage:

Many people recently opt to have multiple SIM cards for various reasons such as one for personal and one for official purpose. Why get two phones when we can do it in a single one? Buying a single phone instad offers cost advantage and also reduces the excess baggage for us to carry :P

Reduced call rates:

You can use two SIM cards from two different cellular service providers. This allows you the flexibility of using the different tariff rates that is available from different cellular service providers. By doing this you can take advantage of cheaper rates.

These Dual sim mobile phones ranges from 850 to 40000 bucks with functionality ranging from keypad to touch screens and other eye catching features. Choose the one which pleases you and stay happy !!

If you think I have missed out some points on why its wise to invest in a Dual SIM phone, do share it in the comments section !!

My Family My Pride

Growing up we always look up for inspiration. Without inspiration there wont be any aspiration. And without aspiration there wont be any success. From a kids perspective, world is a very small circle called family  and inspiration should come from it. Same thing happened with me and I AM WHAT I AM NOW all because of my family. They inspired me and helped me to aspire and achieve success.

As famous poet Maya Angelou says “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” We only look at the success of others but not the path and acts they took to get there. I got inspired by looking at the path and acts which made my parents successful. And all credits should go to them for guiding and encouraging me to grow into a better, more self-reliant person.

Let me turn the clock back as its time for a flashback 🙂

I have been an introvert and shy from my childhood. So most of the time I used to spend my time alone playing with handheld video games. Due to its addiction my dad bought me a computer at a tender age of 11 ( Time has changed and now even toddlers use computer but for a 80’s kid like me that was huge at that time). All the neighboring kids would be playing cricket in ground and I would be playing minesweeper and pinball. Then came the craze of age of empires. I used to sit day and night to clear levels and complete missions in it. They enrolled me to a computer class in a nearby academy. Owing to my increased addiction to my PC, they even bought a dial up connection. At first I used it to play online flash games and stuff. But then I started learning many things from the internet. I learned hacking, made my own websites using yahoo Geo services, started blogging and all of this before I even started college. I even earned some money online during those days. They backed up me up in all things and it led me choose a career in computer science engineering.

My dad also used to bring English movie DVD’s for us to watch. It helped me and my sis to get a good grasp in English from a very young age. They also enrolled us in Hindi classes after school as extra  curricular activities. When I got my first job, they asked to attend the training in Mumbai. If my parents dint enroll me during my childhood days, I would have lacked the confidence to say YES during the interview and wouldn’t have got the job in the first place.

By doing the above stated things my Dad a self made man himself, guided and encouraged me to grow into a better and independent individual.

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